A Buyer's Guide to Morganites

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Morganite is a semi-precious gemstone with an unique peachy pink tone. You may know more about members of its family such as aquamarines and emeralds, all part of the beryls family.




In 1911, a transparent gem discovered on the African island of Madagascar was hailed as an exciting new alternative to kunzite and pink tourmaline. The rose pink to lilac gem was named in honor of wealthy banker and gem connoisseur John Pierpont Morgan. Morgan was an avid customer of Tiffany's, and the jewelry store enthusiastically promoted the gem. Eventually, Madagascar's morganite deposits declined and Brazil vecame the gem's top producer. Although the gem's finest color is a deep magenta, most morganites on the market are a pale pink., Manhy Brazilian morganites emerge from the mines sporting an attractive peach (orange pink) hue that's appealing to some buyers. But producers ususally heat treat gems of this hue to arrive at a pink and peachy pink shade that's preffered in the marketplace.





Although morganite is rarer than aquamarine, large cut stones are readily available on today’s market. That’s probably because morganite hasn’t been promoted to the jewelry-buying public nearly as widely as aquamarine or emerald. With a hardness of 71/2 to 8 on Mohs scale, Morganite stands right under currundums such as sapphires, and with its toughness graded as good, makes Morganites a great choice for jewelry makers.

A few important factors when selecting Morganites for jewelry:

  • One is its luster and clarity, Morganite with great luster in addition to a very eye clean clarity will be the first things you will notice when purchasing your Morganite from samNsue, we take pride of offering only the best. If your jewelry doesn't scream with bling bling, you won't fall in love with Morganite the way we did.
  • Second is its color; the preference in color can vary with each individual, you may prefer a peachy tone vs a pinkish tone. samNsue offers as standard, a soft peachy pink color, our success rely on this unique color. But again, if you preference is a peachy or more pinkish (premium), feel free to ask us.
  • An important factor as why Morganite will make great jewelry and also great Morganite engagement rings: It is its cost, the affordability and availability make it a great option for engagement ring, eventhough Morganites are succeptible to scratch or get damage during your daily chors, the replacement of the gem is not significant compared to sapphires, ruby or diamonds.





Gemological Institute of America (GIA) doesn’t have a industry-accepted grading system for Morganite. samNsue will only offer genuine earth mined Morganites, most commonly heat treated and or irradiated, both treatments are stable and permanent and undectectable. Most beryls including Morganites are oil magnets, if worn on a daily basis while maintaining your daily activity such as house chors, workout, gardening etc...Morganites may attract all kind of residue and make it appear milky and unattractive. We recommend taking your ring or jewelry off during those activities, but there is an easy remedy if you get your Morganite dirty, a simple home made cleaning tips: https://samnsue.com/blog/how-to-clean-morganite-jewelry





We have a wide selection of Morganite rings, many of those are even ordered as Morganite engagement rings.

One of our valuable customer is a youtuber, she ordered her ring when we used to live in Hawaii (we are now base in California). After all these years you can see her ring in recent videos which looks like new. Here is a video you can see her describing her ring:




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The most popular and famous beryl is the emerald, a lush green gem often mined in Colombia. Also mined in Colombia and many other countries, the cool blue hues of Aquamarines make it another popular beryl. And lastly under rated and we will be adding more of the yellow cousins of Morganite: the Heliodor.