About Us

As a husband and wife team since 2004, our goals have always remained the same. To create timeless designs that can be worn by generation after generation. That is the vision we have for our designs and that is what inspires us to continue to create. We treasure our pieces when they first start from a drawing on paper all the way to when it is on its way to a future owners’ collection.

We both have always had a strong passion for the combination of metals and gems. For Sue, it started at an extremely young age when she helped (or played) in her parents’ jewelry store. For Sam, it started with the love of colorful gems, its rarity and its vibrancy.

As a team, our vision creates a product of everlasting designs that will be cherished throughout generations. We are excited to share our collection with you and look forward to working with you. And, please don’t be surprised if you communicate directly with either Sam or Sue when you have a question. After all, we are a husband and wife team.


Sam & Sue


(We are now back in California and we are greatful and will cherish our time in Hawaii)